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亚博网站注册-粤媒:裁判问题如同赛制 对所有球队都是公平的

   Article source: Guangzhou Daily


   There was no "upset" in the first round of the championship group. Evergrande, Guoan, Shanghai SIPG and Suning, the four top four teams in the Super League last year, once again gathered in the semi-finals this year. There is no doubt that the fourth team in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Jiangsu is indeed worthy of the semi-finals in terms of lineup structure, foreign aid quality, offensive and defensive data and other hard power.


   The Chinese Super League BIG4 is the same as last year.


   Of course, except for the relatively easy promotion of Evergrande in the first round of these four teams, the other three teams have to fight their opponents in the second round to the final moment before they can decide the winner. Among them, Guoan's narrow victory over Luneng to pass the customs and SIPG's penalty kick out of SIPG all depend on luck.


   In contrast, after missing the semifinals, Luneng's focus will be placed in the FA Cup, and Shenhua's focus will be shifted to the AFC group stage ahead of schedule.


   Jianye and TEDA staged the "Black Eight Miracles".


   Compared with the calmness of the championship group, the first round of the relegation group was full of drama-Tianjin Teda and Henan Jianye, the two teams that were at the bottom of their respective groups in the first stage, both staged the "Black Eight Miracle". The outside world is very dissatisfied with the design of the Chinese Football Association's competition system this season. It is a big joke that teams like TEDA "only win one game and relegation" throughout the season.


  Under the influence of the epidemic, the Chinese Football Association has to take care of too many factors in the design of the schedule. It is inevitable that there are various omissions, but the rules are fair to all teams. For example, TEDA and Jianye, their second-stage outbreak is related to the obvious increase in foreign aid elements on the one hand, and on the other hand, it is directly related to their rich relegation experience and stronger "desire to survive".


   Shenzhen became the biggest loser this year.


As for the four teams of Shijiazhuang Yongchang, Qingdao Huanghai, Wuhan Zall, and Shenzhen Football who fell into the relegation group, they are all newly promoted in the last two seasons. Their experience, mentality and connections in the Super League are not as good as Other professional households in relegation.


  Shenzhen, for example, although they spent a lot of money to sign up for the team this year, their style of play has never been formed. After all, Cruyff took over for too short a time, and the team's large-scale personnel changes have made the internal unstable factors, which will form a reaction in the adversity of relegation.


   Shen Yinhao was investigated by Luneng fans after the first round of the Jinglu match, and had to leave the Suzhou division early.


   Of course, the topic of "refereeing" that appeared many times in the first stage of the Chinese Super League became the focus of heated discussion in the first round of the second stage. Among them, the two rounds of the Beijing-Russia battle involved China's referee Shen Yinhao, South Korea's referee Jin Xikun, and VAR Maning. Luneng believed that he was directly injured by the referee in both rounds. Luneng fans even launched a "dissertation search" campaign against Shen Yinhao and Ma Ning, which made the city full.

当然,在中超联赛第一阶段多次出现的“裁判”话题成为第二阶段第一轮激烈讨论的焦点。其中,两轮的京俄交锋涉及中国裁判沉银昊,韩亚博网站注册国裁判金锡坤和VAR Maning。鲁能认为他在两轮比赛中均直接被裁判员受伤。鲁能的球迷甚至发起了一场针对沉银浩和马宁的“论文搜索”运动,这使这座城市变得充满了。

   The South Korean referee Kim Hee-kun in the second round of the Gyeong-Lu battle also appeared in dispute and changed his sentence.


   Regardless of whether the Chinese referees or the Korean referees temporarily hired by the Chinese Football Association in the second stage, there is bound to be a considerable gap between the world's top referees.


   But the Chinese Football Association should also be more cautious and transparent in the refereeing work in the last two rounds of the Super League, and should strengthen information symmetry with the clubs. On the one hand, it is necessary to unify the penalty scales for various key fouls, especially with clear guidelines on the timing and retrospective time limit of VAR intervention; on the other hand, the Chinese Football Association should actively provide for the disputed penalty appeals raised by clubs in each game Feedback.




  The situation of the second round of the second stage of the Chinese Super League


   champion team


  1-4 people


   Guangzhou Evergrande VS Beijing Guoan


Shanghai Shanggang vs Jiangsu Suning

Shanghai shang刚vs Jiang苏sun ing

   5-8 people


Hebei Huaxia happiness vs Shandong Luneng

Hebe IH UA下happiness VSS撼动l u能

Shanghai Shenhua vs Chongqing Contemporary


   Relegation group


  9-12 people


   Tianjin Teda VS Dalian People

   TI暗金Ted AVS DA连people

Henan Jianye vs Guangzhou Fuli

he南J Ian也vs Guangzhou F U里

  13-16 people


Shenzhen jiazhaoye vs Shijiazhuang Yongchang

S很震佳兆业vs Shijiazhuang Yong长

Wuhan Zhuoer vs Qingdao Huanghai

Wuhan Z霍尔vs Qing到Huang还

Zhang Zhe, all media reporter of Guangzhou Daily


Wu Jiali, all media editor of Guangzhou Daily


   Picture source: Xinhua News Agency